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A flexible way to stay on task

Create Categories

with time limits. Use 25 minute pomodoros, or do whatever the hell you want. Of course, you can choose your own color, because who wants to be told what their pomodoro should look like?

Organize, Edit and Delete Categories

A productivity app should be built with a productive mindset, so all the basics are a cinch. Getting bogged down in something that should be simple sucks, so BuildMyDay strives to make category manipulation easy.

Build a Routine for your day

You click on a Category, it's added to your routine. Easy, simple, momentary

Routine's hold all the tasks you aim to do for today. They take a moment to build and of course, they're draggable.

Start, Pause, Resume Timer

Life gets in the way, so you need control over your timers. They can be stopped and started with a click or a tap, you have total control

Look at that big, Yellow timer... Isn't it just beautiful? Watch it fill as the timer goes down (or do your work instead... Yea, you should probably do the work)

Useful Options

Couldn't be bothered clicking the next timer? do you respect the pomodoro? BuildMyDay has your back, it can auto resume your next timer so when one goes off... The next in line starts immediately.

You can just let it run your whole day if you're that way inclined (some people are nuts like that)

Mmm... Data

Graphs are currently in early stages, but the important stuff is there. Look at what you spend your time on and remind yourself of how hard working you are... or have a dose of the truth. Graphs don't lie.

There's no better feeling than going to bed at night, knowing that you spent time on the things that are important to you...

That feeling alone made building this website, worth it.